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Women Empowering Women

Hello Ladies!

As some of you may know, I have grown to love fitness and almost everything about it lol… I have been inspired by so many along my fitness journey and continue to be and learn from so many of you. It’s amazing! This has made me want to do the same for those around me. 

I am now running my own classes, doing the same thing, helping to encourage and push other women to smash their goals in a warm and affordable environment. Self-love, Self-care and Confidence. This means, living a healthy lifestyle, both physically and emotionally. It’s all about empowering women. Women empowering women! 

We will have fun, we will laugh and we will kill our work-out. You deserve this so much! 

COME DRESSED TO SWEAT!! See you all then. : ) xo <3



After having my second child, I started working out, of course wanting to look and feel better but it became so much more than that. I actually liked it! Lol. When I hit the weights, hit the pads, hit the bag, it is a release for me. It became about being stronger. Loving myself, mind, body and spirit. 

I loved what I was learning and incorporated it with my own ideas and started leading and encouraging women in my Bbodied bootcamp. I'm so happy to bring it back!

Will I be seeing YOU there?



Women Empowering Women

Bbodied is a women's only full body, fun and eccentric workout, where each session is different from the one before and one after. We use a hybrid approach, mixing a bootcamp, kickboxing and yoga style. This is no ordinary burnout! We will laugh together, empower one another and sweat together!


What We Do

Come Dressed To Sweat!


Group Fitness

BBODIED group classes is a space for women of all fitness levels to challenge themselves, make and achieve their goals. We provide a social opportunity to break a sweat with other amazing women, where motivation is inspired and women are empowered through receiving support within a social setting. With that being said, we work hard and share many laughs along the way! This is also a journey of selfcare and selflove!

We mix it up, where you will find that not one class is ever the same. We incorporate a kickboxing, bootcamp and yoga type of approach to fitness. One thing we can guarantee is that you will never be bored!

Get excited!♡


Keshia Johnson-Knight

Going to the BBODIED weekly exercise classes are empowering and motivating. I always leave feeling energized.


Contact Us

Get in touch for more information on our Group and Private classes.

Unit 17 - 1260 Speers Road
Oakville, ON
L6L 5T9


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