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COVID-19 Update

Message from BBODIED!

Multiple classes are being offered between two locations:

Oakville: Unit 4 - 2070 Speers Road.

Mississauga: 3120 Glen Erin Drive.

For only $15!

Please refer to the class schedule to choose your classes. Please note that there are women only classes and CO-ED classes.


These classes are a kickboxing/bootcamp mix. All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged. We start with a warm up, engaged in different kickboxing combos, along with exciting conditioning. We conclude with a core workout and stretching session.


In support of health and safety, we encourage participants to wear their own gloves and wraps. You are able to purchase them from BBODIED or anywhere. The facilities and all equipment are cleaned before and after each class. Upon arrival all are screened and requested to sanitize their hands. Classes will run for one hour and all participants must remain 6 feet apart at all times. Masks must be worn when not at your workout station/kickboxing bag.


Everyone needs to reserve their spot, as space is limited for health and safety precautions. You can reserve your spot via email ( or DM on Instagram or Facebook, by the night before. 

One-on-one and Semi-Private classes are also back! Email or DM to schedule your sessions. These are available at both locations!


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Looking forward to putting in that work together, so get excited!


Stay safe and take care.


Warm Regards, 



Empowered Women _Empower Women_♡__bonjeh


Women Empowering Women

WOMAN__Something Magical☄_'If you want t

BBodied’s goal continues to remain committed to helping encourage and push other women to smash their goals in a warm and affordable environment. Self-love, Self-care and Confidence. This means, living a healthy lifestyle, both physically and emotionally. It’s all about empowering women. Women empowering women! 

We will have fun, we will laugh and we will kill our work-out. You deserve this so much! 


See you all then. : ) xo <3


Come Dressed To Sweat!

Have you ever tried kickboxing, or bootcamp, or both at the same time?!

These classes are a mix of both. One thing is for sure, you will never be bored! You will get the amazing opportunity to learn Muay Thai, kickboxing techniques. Not only will this be part of your incredible workout, but you will also learn the self defence techniques behind each move and combo. Throughout each session we keep ourselves motivated with cardio and weightlifting. We participate in partner workouts and combos to keep the class engaged and empowered. We conclude with a circuit and core conditioning. Last but not least, we always stretch it out, yoga style! All one-hour sessions welcome all fitness levels. Each class will challenge you. Trust me, you will not regret it!

Get excited! See you there! ♡

Yours truly,




We encourage you to follow BBODIED on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with updates and announcements!




Will I be seeing YOU there?


Keshia Johnson-Knight

Going to the BBODIED weekly exercise classes are empowering and motivating. I always leave feeling energized.


Get in touch for more information on our Group and Private classes.

Unit 4 - 2070 Speers Road
Oakville, ON
L6L 2X8

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